When Hell Freezes Over
When Hell Freezes Over
Episode Information
Release Date January 29, 2013
Season # 4
Episode # 3
Top Looks Anthony & Alam and Wayne & Eric F.
Bottom Looks Alex & Autumn and Jenna & Katie
Winner Anthony Kosar
Eliminated Katie Machaiek
Previous "Heroic Proportions"
Next "Eye Candy"

"When Hell Freezes Over" is the third episode of the fourth season of Face Off.


Challenge: In teams of two, the artists must create their take on a demon.

    • Top Looks: Anthony & Alam and Wayne & Eric F.
    • Bottom Looks: Alex & Autumn and Jenna & Katie
      • Winner: Anthony
      • Eliminated: Katie
Teams Demon concept
Alam & Anthony Demus
Alex & Autumn Pazuzu
Eric F. & Wayne Chort
Eric Z. & Kristian Abraxas
House & Meagan Azi Dahaka
Katie & Jenna Eurynomos

Spotlight Gallery

  • Anthony & Alam
  • Autumn & Alex
  • Eric F. & Wayne
  • Eric Z. & Kris
  • House & Meagan
  • Jenna & Katie

Promotional material


  • The artists were given a twist when they were show script notes of the their demons.

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