Smoke and Mirrors
Smoke and Mirrors
Episode Information
Release Date March 2, 2016
Season # 10
Episode # 08
Top Looks Rob & Yvonne
Bottom Looks Robert & Anna
Winner Rob
Eliminated Anna
Previous The Gauntlet II
Next Bottled Up

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Create a makeup that shows what their queens would look like as their true selves.

Contestant Queen
Anna Shadow Enchantress
Mel Temptress of Flame
Melissa Wiccan of the Woods
Rob Dragon Queen
Robert Sea Witch
Walter Emerald Empress
Yvonne Corpse Conjurer


  • Yvonne
  • Walter
  • Robert
  • Rob
  • Melissa
  • Mel
  • Anna
S10 Ep8 - Morph Recap - Smoke and Mirrors01:21

S10 Ep8 - Morph Recap - Smoke and Mirrors

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