Sinister Showdown: Part 2
Sinister Showdown-Part 2
Finale: Part 2
Episode Information
Release Date April 13, 2016
Season # 10
Episode # 14
Winner Rob
Previous Sinister Showdown: Part 1

The finale continues with the extra days to fix and add on to their makeups. Once completed the artists have 5 final hours to apply their makeups on the models. The artists and directors then proceed to film their short horror films based on the short story Hellhole.


  • Melissa's Demon
  • Melissa's Possessed
  • Rob's Demon
  • Rob's Possessed
  • Walter's Demon
  • Walter's Possessed

Short Films

  • Rob's:
    Rob - Hell Hole - Dead Earth03:39

    Rob - Hell Hole - Dead Earth

  • Melissa:
    Melissa - Hell Hole - Repossession03:31

    Melissa - Hell Hole - Repossession

  • Walter:
    Walter - Hell Hole - Dark Harvest03:47

    Walter - Hell Hole - Dark Harvest


  • Even though Rob had the most work to do after the camera test, he still managed to impress the judges and win.

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