Serpent Soldiers
Episode Information
Release Date September 16, 2014
Season # 7
Episode # 8
Views (million) Unknown
Top Looks Cig
Bottom Looks Rachael
Winner Dina
Eliminated Keaghlan
Previous "Killer Instinct"
Next "Scared Silly"

"Serpent Soldiers" is the eight episode of the seventh season of Face Off. It aired on September 16, 2014.

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: The artists' must create their very own G.I. Joe super soldiers inspired by a variety of snakes.
    • Reward: Hasbro 50th Anniversary G.I. Joe Collection
Contestant Snake
Cig Christmas Tree Eyelash Viper
Damien Gaboon Viper
Dina Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Drew Tiger Rat Snake
George Green Anaconda
Keaghlan Albino Reticulated Python
Rachael Green Tree Python
Sasha Hognose Snake
Stella Namibian Coral Snake
  • Top Looks: Cig, Dina & Drew
  • Bottom Looks: Rachael, Sasha & Keaghlan
    • Winner: Dina
    • Eliminated: Keaghlan

Final Looks

  • Cig's Serpent Soldier (HIGH)
  • Damien's Serpent Soldier (SAFE)
  • Dina's Serpent Soldier (WIN)
  • Drew's Serpent Soldier (HIGH)
  • George's Serpent Soldier (SAFE)
  • Keaghlan's Serpent Soldier (LOW)
  • Rachael's Serpent Soldier (LOW)
  • Sasha's Serpent Soldier (LOW)
  • Stella's Serpent Soldier (SAFE)
S07E08 - morph recap - "Serpent Soldiers"00:16

S07E08 - morph recap - "Serpent Soldiers"

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