Robert Seal
Personal Information
Age 20
Hometown Lake View Terrace, CA
Residence Lake View Terrace, CA
Occupation Info
Occupation Freelance Effects Artist, Creature Creator, Lab Intern at CMS
Season(s) 10

Having grown up in Los Angeles and loving the fantasy and sci-fi genres, Rob's passion for creature creation developed at a fairly young age. At the age of 18, he attended Cinema Makeup School to broaden his skillset. After graduating in February of 2014, he became a CMS lab intern and did several makeup demos for the school. He has since done work in Los Angeles makeup effects labs and started a small art business with some friends.


Episode 1: Wanted Dead or Alive

Episode 2: Child's Play

Episode 3: Lost Languages


  • Wanted Dead or Alive Spotlight Challenge
  • Child's Play Spotlight Challenge
  • Lost Languages Spotlight Challenge
  • Covert Characters Focus Challenge
  • Foreign Bodies Spotlight Challenge
  • Death's Doorstep Spotlight Challenge
  • The Gauntlet II Stage 1
  • The Gauntlet II Stage 2
  • Smoke and Mirrors Spotlight Challenge
  • Bottled Up Foundation Challenge
  • Bottled Up Spotlight Challenge
  • Keep One Eye Open Focus Challenge


Social Media


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