Ricky Vitus
Personal Information
Age 22
Hometown Schenectady, NY
Occupation Info
Season(s) 9
Placement 10th

Growing up in a small town in the middle of the woods, Ricky Vitus has always found inspiration in nature and animals. At an early age, this passion led him to create creatures of his own out of any materials he could get his hands on. Formally self-taught, he attended Tom Savini's Special Makeup Effects Program to further his knowledge by learning from seasoned professionals. Ricky currently designs creatures and characters for Gateway Haunted Playhouse in Bellport, Long Island.


Episode 1: "Intergalactic Zoo"

Episode 2: "Siren Song"

Episode 3: "Surprise of the Century"

Episode 4: "Frightful Fiction"

Episode 5: "The Gatekeepers"

Episode 6: "Extraterrestrial Enterprise"

Episode 7: "All That Glitters"


  • Intergalactic Zoo Spotlight Challenge
  • Siren Song Spotlight Challenge
  • Surprise of the Century Spotlight Challenge
  • Frightful Fiction Focus Challenge
  • The Gatekeepers Foundation Challenge
  • The Gatekeepers Spotlight Challenge
  • Extraterrestrial Enterprise Foundation Challenge
  • Extraterrestrial Enterprise Spotlight Challenge
  • All That Glitters Focus Challenge


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