Rick Prince
[Face Off (Season 5)|Season 5]] contestant




Nashville, TN





Rick began his career at a local puppet shop where he worked for over 10 years creating characters for Sesame Street and for theme parks such as Disney, Busch Gardens, and Dollywood. Seeking to further his special effects makeup skills, Rick started his own company, Malice in Mind FX Laboratory, located in Nashville, TN. His company creates live interactive art such as the Prowl mobile suit for Transformers Universe, full zombie makeups for the Nashville Zombie Walk, wireless DMX controlled stage tornadoes for Lil Twist, as well as characters and live show set ups for conventions including Comic Con-New York. Rick hopes to win Face Off to show the world his passion for special effects and why he loves what he does. His influences include Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials, The Dark Crystal, and Clive Barker's Weaveworld. His love of anatomy led him to get an accurate anatomical tattoo of his spine created from a full X-ray of his entire back. Rick is a single father with joint custody of his daughter Tea. He was a firefighter, an organ donor processor, and served in the US Air Force.


Episode 1: "Going for Gold"

Episode 2: "Future Frankenstein"

Episode 3: "Gettin' Goosed"



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