Return of the Champions
Team Leaders
Episode Information
Release Date January 13, 2015
Season # 8
Episode # 1
Foundation Winner Darla
Reward Immunity
Previous "One Knight Only(Season 7 finale)
Next "Monkey Business"

"Return of the Champions" is the first episode and premiere of the eighth season of Face Off. There was no elimination this episode.

Foundation Challenge

Challenge: Create a companion character to one of the Team Leaders' most memorable characters. While they are creating, the Team Leaders will decide who they want on their teams.

Team Leader Character



Mother Nature


Sea Creature

Darla Alan Adam
Emily Anthony Ben
Jamie Gregory Daniel
Logan Regina Julian
Rob Stephanie Kelly

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: Create two aliens that have survived their choice of an alien crash in the desert.

Final Looks


The teams are informed of a twist. Their aliens have crash on a planet ruled by primates and they must create the King of the primates.

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