Queen Bees
Queen bees
Foundation Guest Judge: Lois Burwell
Episode Information
Release Date February 24, 2015
Season # 8
Episode # 7
Foundation Winner Emily Serpico
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Julian & Logan; Emily & Jamie
Bottom Looks Adam & Rob; Ben & Kelly
Winner Logan Long
Eliminated Rob Miller
Previous "Troll Bridge"
Next "Dressed to Kill"

"Queen Bees" is the seventh episode of the eighth season of Face Off.

Foundation Challenge

Spotlight Challenge

Teams Insect
Adam & Rob Lady Bug
Ben & Kelly European Hornet
Darla & Stephanie Jewel Beetle
Emily & Jamie Honey Bee
Julian & Logan Cuckoo Wasp

Final Looks

S08E07 - morph recap - "Queen Bees"00:15

S08E07 - morph recap - "Queen Bees"

Promotional material


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