Pack Leaders
Pack Leaders
Season Premiere
Episode Information
Release Date June 13, 2017
Season # 12
Episode # 1
Top Looks Ethereal Effects
Bottom Looks Laura, Nick, & Al
Winner Joseph
Eliminated Laura
Previous Battle of the Beasts
Next Hive Mind


Challenge: Create a werewolf pack with an alpha, beta, & omega.

  • Team Forepersons: Andrew & Al
    • Top Looks: Ethereal Effects
    • Bottom Looks: Laura, Nick, & Al
      • Winner: Joseph
      • Eliminated: Laura


  • Ethereal Effects werewolf pack
  • Andrew & Nelson Alpha werewolf
  • Suzanne & Kiersten Beta werewolf
  • Joseph & Faina Omega werewolf
  • Twisted Six Effects werewolf pack
  • Al & KC Alpha werewolf
  • Jill & Phil Beta werewolf
  • Nick & Laura Omega werewolf
S12 Ep1 Pack Leaders Morphs02:17

S12 Ep1 Pack Leaders Morphs


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