Njoroge Karumba
Season 10 contestant
Personal Information
Age 49
Hometown Meriden, NH
Residence Atlanta, GA
Occupation Info
Occupation Make-Up Artist
Season(s) 10
Placement 11th
Eliminated on Covert Characters

Njoroge is an artist and creator who left New England to pursue his dream of being a make-up artist in Atlanta, Georgia. He loves to learn new techniques and teach those that he knows. His goal is to become active in the Atlanta TV and film industry while creating his own art on the side.


Episode 1: Wanted Dead or Alive

Episode 2: Child's Play

Episode 3: Lost Languages

Episode 4: Covert Characters


  • Wanted Dead or Alive Spotlight Challenge
  • Child's Play
  • Lost Languages Spotlight Challenge
  • Covert Characters Focus Challenge


Social Media


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