Movie Magic, Part 1
Movie Magic, Part 1
Finale Part 1
Episode Information
Release Date October 20, 2015
Season # 9
Episode # 13
Previous "Death Becomes Them"
Next "Movie Magic, Part 2(Season 9 finale)

"Movie Magic, Part 1" is the 13th episode and the first part of the season 9 finale of Face Off.


Challenge: Create two makeups based on pre-written scripts and story boards with the help of two team members, Director Patrick Tatopoulos, and a production crew.

Artist Team Mates Short Film Title
Ben Jordan
Evan Kevon
Quarantine Zone
Nora Jasmine
The Prey


  • Nora's Hunter
  • Nora's Hunted
  • Evan's Wanderer
  • Evan's Infected
  • Ben's Priest
  • Ben's Resurrected


  • A short special aired prior to the first part of the finale.
  • The artists have three days to complete their final makeups.
  • The artists have the opportunity to have a camera test before filming their films.
  • The artists have two days to adjust their makeups to Patrick and Michael's advice.
  • The artists are informed that their scripts have been updated and they must now create a third character.

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