Mother Earth Goddess
Mother Earth Goddess
Episode Information
Release Date September 10, 2013
Season # 5
Episode # 5
Top Looks Laura, Roy and Lyma
Bottom Looks Scott, Eddie and RJ
Winner Laura Tyler
Eliminated RJ
Previous "Subterranean Terror"
Next "Trick or Treat"

"Mother Earth Goddess" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Face Off.


Challenge: Create a mother earth goddess incorporating their own mothers into the design.


  • Alana
  • Eddie
  • Frank
  • Laney
  • Laura
  • Lyma
  • Miranda
  • RJ
  • Roy
  • Scott
  • Tate

Promotional material


  • During the end credits there is a note that states 'During the taping of this episode, it became apparent that a rules violation occurred. The producers took the action they deemed appropriate to address and remedy the situation.'

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