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  • First off, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, hospital stay. I only had access via my phone, which brings up a concern I have. A lot of wikia users use mobile. That being said I love what you have done with the main page, but it is quite literally impossible to read and access anything the way it is. Everything is too big and takes a bit to load, as such is also jumpy. We need to figure out a balance that makes it flexible to operate on both desktop and mobile.

    I have no qualms against your ideas. So, I am going to authorize you as a temporary admin.

    I'm putting in for a username change, so it could be a day or so before I get on wikia. I'll see everything when I get back on.

    miss_nocturne (talk) 04:47, July 23, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Oh no!! Hospital stay!!?? Are you still hospitalized!! o___O?
      I hope you get better soon!!

      I'm mostly a laptop user so I only know how to format the main page for how it'll look like on desktop monitors... I'm afraid for looks that especially caters to mobile users... you'll probably have to seek for people that specialize in that area.

      I just saw the rights; grabbing my files right now and you should be able to see the first step (custom theme) tonight, but I'm heading off to bed after that!

      Again, really hope you get better soon!!

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    • The background will take some time to actually appear; I remember it happening the same when I was testing out on the other wiki; give it a night and it should be fine (the logo does not look as good on it's own I'm afraid.)

      Now that the first priority is done. I'ma head to install those script real quick then I'm off to bed! =]

      Edited: I've set up the twitter timeline (can be seen on main page); instal multiple scripts for admins, and reconfigure the common.js using how dev advises us to instal when dealing with multiple scripts. I will probably send in a trouble shooting if the background still doesn't show up the same time right now by tomorrow; I realize if I scroll real quick to the top or bottom I can see sneak peeks of the image; this is actually happening to a lot of the wikis I visit, but what I don't get is that disregarding a minor alteration, that's basically the same background that is used on my test wiki, yet on the test wiki it is displaying fine but not on this one (the weirdest thing is that right now, when I preview my post, the background will show up, just not when actually viewing articles). Let's keep our fingers crossed and hopefully Wikia will right itself! Sammm✦✧(talk) 05:43, July 23, 2015 (UTC)

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    • No, I just got out.  The background is showing up fully on every page as far as I can tell.

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    • Grrrrrr I think Wikia isn't always displaying properly when it's with Safari; I just check this wiki using Firefox and you are right, the background is showing; just like the other wikis I've been having problem viewing bk on Safari are also fine on Firefox. Guess I'll just have to ignore the fact that I can't see it on my usual browser.

      I've also just tried "mass rename&update", out of the 12 only 2 didn't work and there's actually a pattern as both files had just been renamed recently (though I have no clue as to why that should hinder the process). Remember I told you that theoretically the new naming format should enabled people to type the name and find the images? It took probably 10 minutes or so but now yeah, one can find the files now, unlike one couldn't before.

      And good to hear you're out of the hospital! Hope you stay well!

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