Libby Rose Goldberg
Personal Information
Age 28
Hometown Ojai, CA
Occupation Info
Season(s) 9
Placement 12th

Libby Rose is a New York-based makeup artist working in film, television and media. At an early age, she realized her love for character and creature design. This love eventually led her to pursue her passion in special effects makeup, an art she is captivated by because of its abilities to imbue with life what was once only a figment of someone's imagination.


Episode 1: "Intergalactic Zoo"

Episode 2: "Siren Song"

Episode 3: "Surprise of the Century"

Episode 4: "Frightful Fiction"

Episode 5: "The Gatekeepers"


  • Intergalactic Zoo Spotlight Challenge
  • Siren Song Spotlight Challenge
  • Surprise of the Century Spotlight Challenge
  • Frightful Fiction Focus Challenge
  • The Gatekeepers Foundation Challenge
  • The Gatekeepers Spotlight Challenge


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