Personal Information
Age 29
Hometown Boston, MA
Occupation Info
Season(s) 6
Placement 6th

Graham Schofield developed his critical eye for makeup through science. A chemist at heart, Graham fuses his keen knowledge of the science and artistry to serve as an instructor at the EI School of Professional Makeup. He loves chemicals and aims to incorporate them in all aspects of his designs. His passion for mold making and life casting, coupled with his cynical attitude, make for his eclectic pieces of work. He hopes knowing the mechanics of makeup and SFX creation will help himoutshine any of his competitors and make him one the one of the top contestants.


Episode 1: "Sexy Beasts"

Episode 2: "Cosmic Conspiracy"

Episode 3: "Dragon's Breath"

Episode 4: "Guitar Gods"

Episode 5: "In the Shadows"

Episode 6: "Cryptic Creatures"

Episode 7: "Open Sesame"

Episode 8: "Ego Trip Abroad"

Episode 9: "Mad Science"

Episode 10: "What a Dahl"

Episode 11: "Freaks of Nature"



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