Going for Gold
Going for Gold

Foundation Guest Judge: Catherine Hardwicke

Episode Information
Release Date August 13, 2013
Season # 5
Episode # 1
Foundation Winner Tate
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Miranda & Alana; Laura; Laney & Rick
Bottom Looks Eddie & Tolin ; Adolfo; Eric, Frank, & RJ
Winner Miranda
Eliminated Tolin
Previous "The Vets Strike Back(Season 5 special)
Next "Future Frankenstein"

"Going for Gold" is the first episode of the fifth season of Face Off.


Challenge: Create an original character inspired by one of the costumed partygoers where the artists met.

  • Guests: Yaya Han, Riki "Riddle" Lecotey, Jessica Merizan, Holly Conrad and Jessie Lagers of SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay.
  • Guest Judge: Catherine Hardwicke
  • Reward: Immunity


Challenge: Create five original, hyper-stylized fantasy characters that would all fit in the same world.

Teams (Theme) Fantasy character
Veterans (Witch & Servants) Newcomers (Council)
RJ, Eric, & Frank Tolin & Eddie Ogre
Roy Laney & Rick Faun
Tate Adolfo Troll
Alana & Miranda Lyma Pixie
Laura Sam & Scott witch


  • Adolfo
  • Alana & Miranda
  • Frank, RJ, & Eric
  • Laura
  • Lyma
  • Rick & Laney
  • Roy
  • Scott & Sam
  • Tate
  • Tolin & Eddie

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