Is the Fourth Fictional Season of Face Off this season has 18 contestants the Most amount that face off has ever had that face challenges even more surprising and hard than ever.


Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Zoey RunnerUp
Derek OUT
Phillip OUT
Marge OUT
Ryan OUT
David OUT
Avielle OUT
Suri OUT
Sebb OUT
McKayla OUT
Cheyenne IN OUT
Sanchi OUT

Episode 1 Scary Chases

Foundation Challenge: To create a character Inspired by Nails

Winner Andy

Spotlight Challenge: Work in teams of two and 1 team of three to create a forest creature inspired by the blair witch project that will be put on camera

Top Looks

Andy James and Arthur Undead indian Shaman

Tori and Vicky Maiden fused with Tree and Vines

Beck and Sam Little girl with Demon wings tried with rope

Donald and Lita Man turned into Bear


Cat and TJ Deformed blind woman who collects Human eyes

Joey and Jean Worm infected Corpse Bride

Bottom Looks

David and Robby Bat winged Hellhound

Hardie and Maysy Hunchbacked Hillbillie

Winner Andy

Eliminated David

Episode 2 CG Trait

Spotlight Challenge Turn a Model into a Movie Villain using CGI makeup

Reward Animation supplies from Universal Studios

Top Looks

Vicky and Andy Human soul Traped in wall

Joey and Amy Shadow man with woman's arms

Lita and Hardie Red oni Warrior


TJ and Donald Giant face in mist

Bottom Looks

James Maysy and Jean oozing Genetic experiment

Robby and Cat Morphing water elemental

Tori and Arthur Mutant Crab human hybrid

Winner Vicky

Eliminated Cat

Episode 3 The force within

Foundation Challenge Work in Teams of 3 to create four crew members of a starship


Robby Tori and Arthur

Vicky DJ and Lita

Sam Beck and Andy

James Joey and Donald

Amy Hardie Jean and maysy

Reward Complete Series sets of star trek and Star Trek the next generaction

Winner Tori

Spotlight Challenge To create a intergalactic warrior inspired by a Asian country welding a laser sword

Top Looks

Vicky Russia

Arthur China

DJ India


Tori Korea

Sam Napal

Beck Thailand

Maysy Iran

Joey Indonesia

Hardie Taiwan

Jean Saudi Arabia

Amy Hong Kong

James Singapore

Donald India

Bottom Looks

Robby Korea

Andy Iran

Lita India

Winner Arthur

Eliminated Robby

Episode 4 It's Villain Time

Spotlight Challenge To Create A original Power Rangers Villain

Top Looks

Lita The Jailer

Arthur FanTora

Amy Dark Lady


Sam Flamitar

Tori Pulldica

James White Matter

Donald Timitron

DJ Death Master

Jean Vine Weeder

Hardie Queen Doomsday

Beck Dark Horse

Joey Princess Affold

Bottom Looks

Andy Deadly Haszard

Vicky Miss KillJoy

Maysy Queen Blackshire

Winner Amy

Eliminated Andy

Episode 5 Surreal Terror

Foundation Challenge Apply Small Prosthetic Pieces for 1 hour

Reward First choice in spotlight challenge

Winner Arthur

Spotlight Challenge Create a surreal short flim inspired by David Lynch Using a Town set

Reward Winning film will be Feature at the Cannes film festival

Top Looks

Arthur Tori Sam and Amy Deep Slience

Beck DJ Hardie and Joey Walking Angels

Bottom Looks

Lita Jean Donald James and Vicky Shy Secrets


Eliminated Vicky

Episode 6 Bring Down The House

Spotlight Challenge Create Beautfull And Loud Opera Characters using real opera singers as Models

Top Looks

Arthur Soul Stealing Sorceress

Tori All Mighty Huntsman

Jean Warrior Princess


Maysy Bastard Swordsman

Donald Twin Side Alien

James Lost homeless Wanderer

Hardie Torture revenge seeking Slave girl

Joey Rose loving Gardener

TJ Cyborg Enhanced Soldier

Bottom Looks

Beck Dark Pixie girl

Amy Toad Prince

Lita Duke of Sabers

Winner Jean

Eliminated Beck

Episode 7 Sound of Music

Spotlight Challenge make a creative music video using a unique music genre in Two Days

Top Looks

Amy Dance Pop

Tori Goth Rock

DJ R and B

Hardie Power Metal


Maysy Goth rock

Lita Dance Pop

Jean Goth rock

Joey Power Metal

Bottom Looks

Arthur Power Metal

James Goth rock

Sam Hip Hop

Donald Hip hop

Winner Tori

Eliminated Sam

Episode 8 Demonic Battles

Foundation Challenge Create a winged bat like Creature

Winner Tori

Spotlight Challenge Create a Demonic Warlord inspired by sets of Armor

Top Looks

Tori Witch Queen Armor

Arthur Samurai Armor

James Ninja Armor


Maysy Viking Armor

Amy Dragon Armor

Jean Vampire Armor

Joey Skeleton Armro

Lita Snake Armor

Bottom Looks

DJ Tentacled Armor

Hardie Insect Armor

Donald Desert Armor

Winner Arthur

Eliminated DJ

Episode 9 Psycho Circus

Spotlight Challenge Create avant Garde Circus Performers based on Kiss's Psycho circus

Top Looks

Arthur and Tori Flying Guardians

Hardie and Joey Jungle Girls

Jean and Amy Chinese acrobats

Bottom Looks

Lita Donald and James Flippers and Gangsters

Winner Jean

Eliminated Donald

Episode 10 Satanic Offspring

Spotlight Challenge Use a Religious Worker as inspiration for a all female satanic coven

Top Looks

Tori Maysy and James Nun

Arthur and Hardie Shinto Priestess

Amy and Joey Pagan Healer

Bottom Looks

Lita and Jean Bishop

Winner Maysy

Eliminated Lita

Episode 11 Good vs Bad

Foundation Challenge To create a half Life and half Death makeup

Winner Maysy

Spotlight Challenge Create both superheros and super villains in teams of Four

Maysy Tori Jean and Arthur Kings of Thieves

Joey Hardie Amy and James Ruthless Tyrants

Winner Arthur

Eliminated Amy

Episode 12 Fused with Nature

Spotlight Challenge Create a Animal or Plant with a human Face

Top Looks

Hardie White Rose

Tori Tiger

Maysy Spider

James Wasp

Bottom Looks

Arthur Cockroach

Jean Cherry Blossom

Joey Sunflower

Winner Jean

Eliminated Joey

Episode 13 Flying Free

Spotlight Challenge Do a windprouf Makeup on a Creature Actor

Top Looks

Arthur Warrior Angel

Tori Dragon God

James Harpy Hag

Tori Bloating Masked Avenger

Bottom Looks

Maysy Bat feline woman

Jean Tentacled Sky Mutant

Hardie Blood Bird


Eliminated Hardie

Episode 14 Time Guardians

Spotlight Challenge Use a Clock as Inspiration for a Time Guardian

Top Looks

Maysy Digital watch

Tori Tower Clock

James Sun dlile

Bottom Looks

Arthur Co Co Clock

Jean Antique Clock

Winner Maysy

Eliminated Jean

Episode 15 Wax Nightmare

Spotlight Challenge Create a makeup using Wax

Top Looks

Maysy Melting Woman

Tori Hulk like Beast

Arthur Honey Maker

James Butter soft boy

Winner Tori

Eliminated James

Episode 16 Grand Finale

Spotlight Challenge Fix Bottom Look makeups from previous Seasons in 10 Hours

Winner Arthur

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