this season gets A lot bigger with New twists and surprises special guests even new forms of challenges we know Starting off 20 contestants face a sudden death challenge where 4 of them will be eliminated at their final audition


Jason E.
Jason V.
Kaytee Saved
Betty Saved
Lizzie Out
Olivia Out
Vann Out
Daniel Out
Sebastian Out
Alexis Out
Nate Out
Dominik Out
Christian Out

Episode 1 Sudden Lunch Party

Sudden Death Challenge Create a Cohesive character using minterials found all over the rooftop lunch party

Twist Characters must show a fabric or prop that shows how powerful they are

Reward a $500 Gilt card to fabric Planet

Winners Mark & Sharon

Eliminated Q Walbert CK & Moose

Episode 2 Betsy Letsy

Foundation Challenge Design a artsy Face makeup & Catsuit inspired by lady gaga's applause music video

Guest Judge Tim Gun

Focus Challenge Work in teams of five to create a Betsy Johnson inspired mini collection using Settle prosthetics

Reward Winning Team's collection will be feature In next mouth's Queer Couture magazine

Winner Shangela

Eliminated Eden

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