This Season features 17 Contestants with the show becoming more shocking Dark and high Fashionable than any other season with project runway style challenges with unique makeup effects touch ups and Props but there a twist finalists and winner from previous seasons have return to work with newcomers

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Episode list

Episode 1 Make what You want

Foundation Challenge Turn a runway model into a haute couture Character based on who they truly are

Reward first pick of Partner

Winner Sam

Spotlight Challenge Create a Polluted Human using Rare and recyclable materials

Top Looks Sam Eric Nick

Bottom Looks Robert Jordan Michele

Winner Eric

Elminated Robert

Episode 2 Long Live The Dead

Foundation Challenge Apply multiple prosthetics and sitches to create a flesh golem

Winner Nick

Spotlight challenge Use a historical monarch as Inspiraction for a horrific Undead Ruler

Contestant Monarch
Princess Victoria Nick
Queen Elizabeth the first Greg
Henry The 8th Whitney
Marie Antonine Mina
Caligula Sam
Ivan The Terrible Blake
Julius Ceasar Aaron
Netfertiti Jordan
Attila The Hun Gene
Mary Queen of Scots May
Adult Hitler Eric
Elizabeth Bathory Lincoin
Genghis Kong Johnny
Princess Diana Michele
Pol Pot Steven
Vlad The Impaler Zeke

Top Looks Lincoln Blake Gene Mina

Bottom Looks Eric Michelle Jordan

Winner Lincoln

Eliminated Jordan

Episode 3 Eat or Be Eaten

Foundation Challenge Create a feral child Inspired by a background

Reward A free invited to the premiere of the jungle book along with the other top looks

Winner Whitney

Spotlight Challenge Design a Stone Age jungle tribe of cannibals inspired by prehistoric Landmarks in Teams of Three

Teams Landmark
Lincoln Michelle & Blake Temple Wood
Steven Eric & Aaron Carnac Stones
Johnny Whitney & Gene Yonagoni Monument
Zeke May & Sam Stone Spheres
Mina Greg & Nick Olmec Heads

Top Looks Lincoln Nick Gene

Bottom Looks Steven Zeke Sam

Eliminated Steven

Episode 4 Twisted Queens

Foundation Challenge Create a Darker version of Sleeping beauty's maleficent based on a demonic statue

Reward First pick of fabric in the lab

Winner Whitney

Spotlight challenge Turn a sweet beautiful disney princess into a evil queen along with a demonic version of their


Contestant Disney Princess
Whitney Tiana
Michelle Ariel
Lincoln Cinderella
Eric Snow white
Blake Aurora
Mina Merida
Gene Rapunzel
Aaron Jasmine
Zeke Moloan
Johnny Belle
Nick Pocahontas
May Gisselle
Greg Anna
Sam Moana

Top Looks May Blake and Whitney

Bottom Looks Sam Zeke Gene

Winner May

Eliminated Sam

Episode 5 Like father like daughter

Foundation challenge turn a little girl into a fairy princess

Winner Nick

Spotlight Challenge Recreate the child models into half Demonesses along with turing their blue collar fathers into ancient Lovecraftian monsters.

Guest Judge Renee o Connor

Contestant Monster Demoness
Nick 4 Armed giant Tentacled Peasant
Zeke Fanged Jellyfish Savaged Sea Witch
Greg Green ooze Liquidnoid Creeping Nymph
Johnny Slug man king Shy Hidden Mollusk girl
Aaron Ram horned bat like creature Hove footed swimmer
May Baboon headed Gorilla Playful Feral child
Gene Spider legged man Tick collector
Mina Tree Monster man Stick Maiden
Whitney Muti Mouthed blob Gooy Lip warlock
Lincoln Fanged vulture Clear caped priestess
Blake Fat jaw head Seaweed girl
Michelle Grotesque Nobleman with mask Beautiful Blind Angel
Eric Dark shadowly Knight Gothic Princess

Top Looks Mina Greg Michelle

Bottom Looks Blake Gene May

Winner Greg

Eliminated May

Episode 6 Burst out

Foundation Challenge Create a unique hairstyle using Flower piddles and leafs for a accessory

Reward First Pick of Model in lab

Winner Aaron

Focus Challenge design a parasitic worm bursting out of a beast based on a real Worm Species

Guest Judge Rebecca Gayheart

Contestant Worm Species
Eric Eye worm
Mina Human Pinworm
Aaron Beef Tapeworm
Zeke Bobbit worm
Michelle Heart Worm
Blake Spider Worm
Lincoln Horseshoe Worm
Whitey Penis Worm
Gene Spaghetti Worm
Nick Cave Worm
Greg Shipworm
Johnny Slow Worm

Top Looks Whitney Blake Johnny Nick

Bottom Looks Zeke Mina

Winner Johnny

Eliminated Mina

Episode 7 Dance in The Dark

Foundation Challenge Create a realistic skin effect using non toxic minterials

Winner Blake

Spotlight Challenge Work in teams of three to Create Ultraviolet Dancers using a Sci Fi theme

Teams Theme
Zeke Whiteny Michele Bionic
Blake Lincoin Nick Alien Invasion
Greg Gene Aaron Green Colored
Eric Johnny Element Fusion

Top Looks Nick Eric Gene

Bottom Looks Johnny Blake Zeke

Winner Nick

Disqualified Zeke

Note Due to Zeke's violent behavior and disrespect toward the Judges Security came and arrest and telled him he was banned from the computation for life making this the second time someone has gotten disqualified

Episode 8 Vampiric Garde

Foundation Challenge create overdone jeweled Incrusted humans born from the sea

Winner Gene

Spotlight Challenge Design Avant Garde Vampires for lady gaga future concert appearance using Fetish Minterials

Contestant Minterials
Johnny Feathers HandCuffs Spikes
Gene Chains Ribbons String
Nick Snake Scales Crystals
Whitney Leather Plastic Cardboard
Eric Cotton Lace Pollister
Greg Vines Wood Sequin
Blake Silk Rubber Spandex
Lincoin Needles Thorns Latex
Aaron Denim Cacti Rope
Michele Lipstick Foundation Porcelain

Top Looks Michele Johnny Gene Blake

Bottom Looks Eric Nick Aaron

Winner Blake

Eliminated Eric

Episode 9 Super fan Clients

Foundation Challenge Create Artistic Graffiti on Models plan white evening Gowns

Reward Winner's Design will be featured at White and Dye Fashion Show in Miami

Winner Nick

Spotlight Challenge Give Huge fans of Face off a FX makeover into their Dream characters

Contestant Client
Nick Tela a Tattoo Artist
Johnny Chris a Skateboarder
Greg Evy a Ballet Dancer
Aaron Liv a Hairstylist
Michele De a Menswear Designer
Lincoin Cat a Dress Maker
Blake Stu a Drama Teacher
Gene Ash a Football Player
Whitney Will a DJ

Top Looks Lincoin Aaron Gene

Bottom Looks Johnny Whitney

Reward A Make up and character Super sized Handbook from krylon

Winner Aaron

Eliminated Johnny

Episode 10 Skinning it

Foundation Challenge pick a Fetish Model that has fused with the outfit they're wearing

Winner Michele

Focus Challenge Design a Fur coat and a Animal Face piece for their nude models based on a floral setting in the world

Contestant Setting
Greg Black Forest
Whitney Amazon Jungle
Michele Egyptian Oasis
Nick Stone Valley
Aaron Winter Woods
Gene Spring Field
Lincoln Haunted Wood
Blake Iced Mountain

Top Looks Whitney Lincoln

Bottom Looks Blake Michele

Winner Whitney

Out Michele

Note this episode features a new type of elimination which who ever has the lowest score on their makeup is Out but is offered a award of $7500 for doing great throughout the season

Episode 11 Bond Girls just want to have fun

Foundation Challenge pick 2 random Bond girls and fuse them into 1

Contestant First Bond Girl Second Bond Girl
Whitney Solitaire Tracy Drago
Gene Magda May Day
Nick Octopussy Electra King
Aaron Xenia Onnatop Miranda Frost
Blake Pussy Galore Honey Rider
Lincoln Triple X Tiffany Case
Greg Paris Carver Jill Masterson

Winner Whitney

Spotlight Challenge Work in teams of two to create a fusion of each other's Bond girl seen with their previous ones

Teams Name
Whitney Aaron & Gene Madonna Draken
Greg & Blake London Brigitte
Nick & Lincoln Multiple Numbers

Top Looks Gene Greg

Bottom Looks Nick

Winner Gene

Eliminated Nick

Episode 12 Sears The Thing

Foundation Challenge Use Basic Makeup supplies around the Sears store to create a character inspired by the halloween town franchise

Reward $1000 Dollar Shopping spree

Winner Whitney

Spotlight Challenge Create a Steampunk Character using unconventional Materials from the sears hardware and household department

Contestant Character
Aaron Soviet Russian General
Gene Acrobatic Assassin
Whitney Machete BodyGuard
Greg Samurai Hawk Warrior
Lincoin Diamond Cat Burglar
Blake Machine Gun Knight

Top Looks Lincoln Blake

Bottom Looks Greg

Winner Blake

Eliminated Greg

Episode 13 Under the Sea

Foundation Challenge Design a gross looking hag inspired by a Spooky Cauldron

Winner Blake

Focus Challenge Create a see through Waterproof Makeup inspired by Weird looking marine creatures

Contestant Creature
Aaron Clown FrogFish
Gene Sea Cucumber
Blake Dumbo Octopus
Lincoln Giant Isopod
Whitney Red Lip Batfish

Top Looks Blake Lincoln

Bottom Looks Whitney Gene Aaron

Winner Lincoln

Eliminated Gene

Episode 14 Runway Makeup part 1

Spotlight challenge to fit the show's project runway Like style The semi finalists must give a preview of A character Group that must include a imperial emperor 5 Subjects and 6 Captured Monsters the person with the highest score goes to the finale in San Francesco

In Blake Whitney Lincoln

Out Aaron

Episode 15 Runway Makeup part 2

Finale Challenge The Artists are sent home to finish their designs in 3 mouths then return travel to San Francesco for the show

Winner Whitney

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