This is the seventh Fictional Season of face off featuring 15 Makeup artists participating in challenges with a mixer of both old and new amazing Twists that will leave them Rush to the top


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Episode 1 Animal Wastes

Double Foundation Challenge The artists face a foundation challenge with two stages

Stage 1 Create unique Makeups using paint and prosthetics found On the makeup table

Stage 2 Create a character using items found at the mall Carts

Winner Luna

Super Spotlight Challenge Create the rider who's on top of Human waist creatures using The Lab design as Inspiraction

Contestant Rider
River Scout & Hunter Dark Paladin
Luna Koda & Nicole Forest Princess
Dakota Peter & Dana Ice Queen
Shana Andre & Drake Vampire Witch
Tim Conan & Kane Troll King

Top Looks River Scout & Hunter Shana Andre & Drake

Bottom Looks Tim Conan Peter Dana

Guest Judge Christopher Waller

Winner River

Eliminated Tim

Episode 2 See through though

Spotlight Challenge Create a see through punk zombie mutant inspired by the return of the living dead series

Contestant Concept
Luna & Koda Parasite Carrier
Peter & Scout Rotten Soldier Corpse
Shana & Nicole Blood Sucking Blob Woman
River Dana & Kane Snake Fanged Biker
Dakota & Drake Bug Eating Savage
Hunter & Conan Cyberpunk Raver

Top Looks River Dana & Kane Luna & Koda

Bottom Looks Peter & Scout Shana & Nicole

Winner Kane

Eliminated Peter

Episode 3 Glowing Water

Focus Challenge Used a Sea creature as inspiration for a bioluminescence Water proof makeup

Contestant Creature


Black Dragon
Luna Pteridian NudiBranch


Colonial Squid


Deiopia Comb Jelly
Shauna Clusterwink Shell


Crystal Jelly



Top Looks Luna Conan Drake

Bottom Looks River Scout Koda

Winner Luna

Eliminated Koda

Episode 4 Treasure Guardians

Foundation Challenge Create a Character based on a prehistoric Statue

Reward Immunity and a Designer's makeup Case from Krylon

Winner Nicole

Spotlight Challenge Take a ancient Landmark And create the Person that guards it

Contestant Landmark
Drake Valley of the Kings
Nicole Luxor Temple
Hunter Stonehenge
Kane City of Babylon
Scout Island Of Crete
River Great wall of China
Dana Tasgmi Hall
Conan Roman Colosseum
Dakota City of Constantean
Shauna Amazon River
Luna Palace of San susci

Top Looks Drake Shauna Hunter

Bottom Looks Dakota River Scout

Winner Drake

Eliminated River

Episode 5 The Gauntlet 3.5

The Gauntlet

Stage 1 Create a witch character along with a Unique Broom

Winner Luna

Stage 2 Used a monster bite as inspiration for a human Turing into one

Winner Kane

Stage 3 Create a beautiful Fairy tale Princess and Three of her servants

Contestant Trio
Hunter Rainbow Users
Conan Flower Girls
Tyler Servant Slaves
Luna Beauty lookers
Andre Roguish Thieves
Scout Bookworms
Dakota Dress Makers
Shauna Nomad Gypsies
Blaze Middle Class Civilians
Drake Royal Outcasts
Dana Fairy Monarchs

Top Looks Luna Hunter Blaze

Bottom Looks Tyler Scout Dakota

Winner Hunter

Winner of the Gauntlet Blaze

Eliminated Scout

Episode 6 Corroded Mass

Spotlight Challenge Create a Acid Victim Who has Mutated throughout the apocalypse using a common acid as inspiration

Contestant Acid
Dakota Acetic Acid
Shauna Boric Acid
Drake Carbonic Acid
Luna Citric Acid
Kane Hydrochloric Acid
Hunter Hydrofluoric Acid
Tyler Nitric Acid
Blaze Oxalic Acid
Andre Phosphoric Acid
Conan Sulfuric Acid
Dana Hypoltic Acid

Top Looks Kane Conan Luna

Bottom Looks Hunter Blaze Dakota

Winner Conan

Eliminated Hunter

Episode 7 Ten Deadly Venoms

Foundation Challenge Create a Character Based on one of Colleen Atwood's Designs with a Custom Item

Winner Luna

Focus/Spotlight Challenge Create a Chinese Assassin Based on a venomous Animal

Contestant Animal
Shauna Puffer Fish
Nicole Poison Dart Frog
Conan DeathStalker Scorpion
Andre StoneFish
Luna Tarantula Hawk Wasp
Blaze Inland Tapir
Kane Gila Monster
Dakota Brazilian Wandering Spider
Tyler Vampire Moth
Dana Horseshoe Bat
Drake Water Viper

Top Looks Nicole Conan Luna

Bottom Looks Kane Shauna Tyler

Winner Nicole

Eliminated Shauna

Episode 8 Nega Fiends

Spotlight Challenge Take a occupation And turn it into a sailor moon monster from the negaverse

Contestant Occupation
Tyler Game Show Host
Luna Bride
Dakota Ballerina
Dana Vocalist
Drake Zookeeper
Kane Poet
Blaze Firefighter
Andre Sculptor
Nicole Supermodel
Conan BodyBuilder

Top Looks Tyler Luna Nicole

Bottom Looks Blaze Dakota Andre

Winner Tyler

Eliminated Dakota

Episode 9 Dreamscape

Foundation Challenge Design a Outfit for the models with a winged cape based their makeup

Winner Tyler

Spotlight Challenge Work in Teams of Three to create Four Characters for a Short Surreal horror Film

Reward Winning team's movie will be feature as a future Blumhouse Film

Teams Title
Tyler Nicole Dana Bad Romance
Luna Andre Conan Wide Awake
Blaze Kane Drake Shout at the Devil

Winner Luna Andre Conan

Eliminated Dana

Episode 10 Rip your face off

Foundation Challnege Create a Female character with a expose body part based on the circle on the model

Winner Andre

Focus Challnege Create a horrific Undead human ripping his or her face off in a unique lighting effect

Top Looks Tyler Andre Conan

Bottom Looks Nicole Luna Kane

Winner Conan

Eliminated Nicole

Episode 11 Go Big or ago Home

Spotlight Challenge work with real life engaged married couple and turn them into a a huge monster and his bride which the'll be put on stage while working with the production designer also Contestant will be working with winners of project runway who will design outfits for the bride's maids

Contestant couple
Andre & Christian Bruneilla & Andrew
Luna & Ashley Mary Ellen & Steve
Kane & Mondo Jordan & Matt
Conan & Maya Lilly & Oliver
Drake & Jeffrey Dez & Carrie

Top Looks Conan & Maya Luna & Ashley Drake & Jeffrey

Winner Conan

Saved Kane

Note this Is the very first crossover with Face off and Project runway featuring Tim Gun as the special gust judge

Episode 12 Radio Kill

Spotlight Challenge Use recycle items for a nuclear super human

Top Looks Luna Conan

Bottom Looks Andre

Winner Luna

Eliminated Andre

Episode 13 Special surprise

Focus/Foundation Challenge use digital Makeup on yourself to reflect who you are

Episode 14 Kiss Kiss Kiss part 1

Spotlight Challenge Create a music video inspired by kiss album titles and covers which will feature the band kiss in them along with Each of the judges directing them

Team Music Video
Drake Destroyer
Conan Carnival of Souls the final sessions
Luna Love Gun
Kane Animalize

Episode 15 Kiss Kiss Kiss part 2

Spotlight Challenge Work with the alternative Titles of their music videos

Team Alternative Title
Drake Kill Destroyers
Conan Carnival of Lost Souls
Luna Love Gun Women
Kane Sharp Talons

Winner Luna

Special Face Off Cosplayers

Plot The Face Cast and crew Explore the world of cosplay to Give out tips about Creating a full character Featuring the cast of heroes of cosplay

Special Face Off Reunion

Plot This is a special reunion of all the cast members from season Vll Talking about their recent projects and short films they made

Special Face Off Runway

Plot Past contestants of project runway all stars do FX makeup for the first time following designing haute couture dresses for fashion week

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