Is the Sixth fictional Season of Syfy's Face Off that features 15. Makeup Artists that will face challenges so extreme and confusing it will take them to the next step of life


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Michael E.
Michael T.


Episode 1 Energest

Foundation Challenge Create Realistic Body jewelry for their female models

Winner Naomi

Spotlight Challenge Used a crystal as inspiration for a Creature in Teams of Two

Top Looks

Quan Yin & Naomi Egyptian Cat Goddess

Santino & Adam Transparent Glass Man

Candy & Kimi Radioactive Mutant


Eric & Stanton all seeing Oracle

David & Kika Pink Glittering Glob Monster

Zeke & Grace Magical Swordswoman

Bottom Looks

Kendall Abby & Alihandro Fali Nuclear Experiment

Eliminated Kendall

Episode 2 Christmas Evil

Spotlight Challenge Create a evil version of a christmas Character

Top Looks

Santino & Abby Angel Gabriel

Kimi & Kika Befana

Candy & Adam Green Man


Alihandro & Quan Yin Fire Miser

Eric & Naomi Frosty The Snowman

Bottom Looks

Grace & Stanton Yule Goat

Zeke & David Saint Nick

Winner Abby

Eliminated Grace

Episode 3 Behind The Mask

Foundation Challenge Create a deformed face character based on a mask

Winner Santino

Spotlight Challenge design A costume and Mask for a Phantom of the opera inspired character

Top Looks

Naomi Wild Gypsy Girl

Santino Sunburned Crusader

Stanton Pale Skin Pickpocket

Zeke Mafia Boss with Missing Lip


Candy Jinga Smile Clown Lady

Eric Over throned Roman Emperor

Kika Ringled Skin Spa owner

Quan Yin Shaolin Warrior with Stretch Brow

Abby Balded foreheaded Woman

Adam Creepy Goth Guy with Pale eye

Bottom Looks

Kimi Curbed Faced Fashion Model

Alihandro Sunken skin Gondala driver

David Undead Contraction Worker

Winner Stanton

Eliminated David

Episode 4 Pumping Iron

Spotlight Challenge Turn a professional Body Builder into a muscle Bound Creature

Top Looks

Kimi Helga

Stanton Drake

Aliandro Sebastian


Santino Hugo

Kika Derella

Candy Manny

Abby Tommas

Adam Han

Bottom Looks

Quan Yin Yuskue

Zeke Ben

Eric Rosh

Winner Kimi

Eliminated Zeke

Episode 5 Tower Terror

Spotlight Challenge Use a Tower from Around the world as inspiration For what lure inside it and the prisoner it helds

Top Looks

Kika & Santino Big ben

Quan Yin & Kimi Golden Gate Tower

Candy & Naomi Babylon Tower

Bottom Looks

Alihandro & Adam Eiffel Tower

Abby & Stanton Tokyo Tower

Winner Quan Yin

Eliminated Abby

Episode 6 Triple or Nothing

Spotlight Challenge Participate in The Gauntlet

Stage 1 Create a ghost inspired by their childhood fears

Winner Kika

Stage 2 Apply Pointed Ear Prosthetics based on the model's wardrobe

Winner Candy

Stage 3 Create three Mythological creatures based on ancient Civilizations

Contestant Culture
Kika Rome
Santino Israel
Quan Yin Powatan
Adam Goths
Eric Persians
Alihandro Pirates
Naomi India
Kimi Picts
Candy Huns
Stanton Prussia

Top Looks Kika Santino Kimi

Bottom Looks Eric Candy

Winner Kika

Eliminated Eric

Episode 7 Time to Duel

Foundation Challenge Turn a female model into a Deadly Assassin

winner Santino

Spotlight Challenge Turn a Classic Yugioh Card into a film character

Contestant Card
Stanton Summon Skull
Santino Dark Magician
Kika Red Eyes Black Dragon
Alihandro Blue Eyes White Dragon
Kimi Harpy Lady Sisters
Candy Flame Swordsman
Naomi Mythical Elf
Adam Celtic Warrior
Quan Yin Dark Magician Girl

Top Looks Quan Yin Kimi Naomi

Bottom Looks Stanton Kika Candy

Winner Quan Yin

Eliminated Stanton

Episode 8 Out of The Night

Spotlight Challenge Create a Horrifying Creature That Stalks at Night using Clues as inspiration

Contestant Clues
Santino Deep Holes in Backyard
Alihandro Falling Treehouse
Quan Yin Destroyed Playground
Naomi Acid Blood
Kika Insect Webs and Cocoon
Candy Lock of Long Hair
Kimi Pink Oozing Slime
Adam Rat's Fur

Top Looks Kika Santino Candy Adam

Bottom Looks Naomi

Winner Kika

Eliminated Naomi

Episode 9 Bionic Humans

Foundation Challenge Create A Drowned Victim that has become one with the sea

Winner Kimi

Spotlight Challenge Create a Bionic Human based On a Type of Hero

Contestant Stereotype
Adam Policeman
Kika Fireman
Alihandro Surgeon
Candy Athlete
Santino General
Kimi Astronaut
Quan Yin Sniper

Top Looks Santino Adam

Bottom Looks Candy Alihandro

Winner Adam

Eliminated Alihandro

Episode 10 Evil Offspring

Spotlight Challenge Design the offspring of a human being and one of the cthulhu mythos Gods using a unique Set

Top Looks Adam Kimi Candy

Bottom Looks Quan Yin Kika

Winner Adam

Eliminated Quan Yin

Episode 11 Blood Carriers

Spotlight Challenge Choose a unique Color for the Blood The creature or character it holds

Contestant Color
Kika Hot Pink
Kimi Jade Green
Adam Sapphire Blue
Santino Flaming Red
Candy Golden Yellow

Top Looks Kika Santino

Bottom Looks Candy Adam

Winner Kika

Eliminated No On

Episode 12 Heading to the Top Part 1

Spotlight Challenge Redo Past makeups from previous Challenges

Contestant Makeup
Candy Huns Flame Swordsman and Golden Yellow
Kika Offspring Red Eyes Black Dragon
Adam Sapphire Blue Celtic Warrior Goths
Kimi Neon Green Astronaut Pink Oozing Slime
Santino Offspring Deep Holes in Back Yard

Winner Adam Santino Kika

Eliminated Kimi Candy

Episode 13 Heading To The Top Part 2

Spotlight Challenge Create Five Characters Representing Good using a Classic Genre Along with the help Of The entire Eliminated Cast

Contestant Genre
Santino Fantasy
Kika Horror
Adam Sci Fi

Episode 14 Heading to the Top Part 3

Spotlight Challenge Create Five Characters representing Evil using a sub genre of the genre they choose

Contestant Subgenre
Santino Sword and Sorcery
Kika Slasher
Adam Space Opera

Winner Santino

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