Is the Fifth Fictional Season of Face Off that includes 15 contestants this season includes a New theme Beautiful and Deadly each week the artist will have to face Amazing Challenges showing their Creativity


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Episode 1 Beautiful But Deadly

Sudden Death Challenge The Artists arrive at the Descanso Gardens to create a character that respresents a beautiful or deadly Theme to get on the show

Guest Judge Michelle Phan

Top Looks

Alan Beautiful

Axel Deadly

Liz Beautiful

Pink Beautiful


Anna Deadly

Rocky Beautiful

Lauren Deadly

Davis Deadly

Austin Beautiful

Landry Beautiful

Olivia Deadly

Bottom Looks

Ross Deadly

Sarah Beautiful

Dan Beautiful

Brick Deadly

Winner Alan

Eliminated Brick

Saved Ross

Episode 2 Hunter or Prey

Foundation Challenge Create a alluring Plant Woman with Tentacles

Guest Judge Uma Thurmen

Winner Ross

Spotlight Challenge Use a Predator and it's prey as Inspiration for a alien hunter

Top Looks

Austin and Ross Wasp and Black Widow

Alan and Sarah Vulture and Fox


Lauren and Landry Scorpion and Desert Lizard

Dan and Rocky Cobra and Rat

Liz and Olivia Whale and Orca

Bottom Looks

Axel and Anna Jellyfish and Nudibranch

Davis and Pink Great white Shark and Sea Lion

Winner Alan

Eliminated Anna

Episode 3 Dirty Lust

Spotlight Challenge Create a kimmpy Succubus Character using Edgy fabrics

Guests Anna Silk Kristen Holden Reid

Top Looks

Alan and Pink Cover up nude nymph

Olivia and Sarah Bondage ribbon Girl

Austin and Ross Butterfly Cape Goddess


Landry and Lauren Large bat Winged Vampire

Axel and Dan Green skin Mermaid

Bottom Looks

Liz Rocky Davis Big Breast Hooker

Winner Punk

Eliminated Davis

Episode 4 Alien Horrors

Foundation Challenge Create A Character brainwashed by a parasite

Guest Judge Robert Kurtzmen

Winner Liz

Spotlight Challenge to take a model and turn them into alien horrors using animatronics

Top Looks

Austin Web Tentacled Arthropod

Ross Winged bug Offspring

Liz Female Snail Evolving


Alan Parasitic Slug Queen

Axel Hooded Camofluage Predator

Pink Mutant Worms and Host

Olivia Hairy Cocoon Creature

Sarah Female Insect Carnivor

Landry Spiked Humanoid

Bottom Looks

Lauren Scorpion tailed dweller

Rocky Exosekeloton Bird

Dan Lizard human hybrid with tongue whip

Winner Liz

Elimnated Rocky

Episode 5 Rupaul's Space Race

Mini Challenge 12 of the past Contestants of Rupaul's Drag Race must turn of the Face Off Contestants into Old school Sci Fi Aliens

Reward First pick of Fabric in the Lab

Winner Manillia Luzon

Focus Challenge Create a Queer Sci Fi Face Makeup on one of the 12 Drag Queens

Guests Rupaul Santino Rice Michelle Visage

Reward $1000 and Winner will be Feature on Dark Beauty Megazine

Top Looks

Alan Shangela

Liz Kenya Mitchaels

Sarah Sharon Needles

Ross Manillia Luzon


Ross Ongina

Pink Alexis Mitayo

Axel Raven

Olivia Willam

Bottom Looks

Lauren Shinele

Laundry Delta Worth

Dan Carmon Corwora

Winner Alan

Eliminated Dan

Note This is a special Crossover between Rupaul's Drag Race and Face Off premering on both Logo and Syfy

Episode 6 Don't Go In The Water

Spotlight Challenge Use a Rare Sea Creature Is inspiration for a Deadly Sea monster

Guest Judge James Cameron

Top Looks

Ross Vampire Squid

Pink Pacific ViperFish

Olivia Christmas Tree Worm


Liz Pink Sea Through Fantastia

Austin Sea Spider

Landry Arctic Walhal

Bottom Looks

Alan Sarcastic FringeHead

Lauren Frilled Shark

Axel Giant Isopod

Winner Ross

Eliminated Lauren

Episode 7 Virus Effect

Foundation Challenge Create a Nature God Using Tree Branches

Guest Judge Howard Berger

Winner Alan

Spotlight Challenge Use a Virus Strain as Inspiration for a Resident Evil Monster

Guest Judge Milla Jovovith

Top Looks

Alan T Roswell Virus

Sarah Stinger Virus

Ross T Gemini Virus

Liz Q Virus


Austin Aquaduct Virus

Pink J Virus

Olivia Strake Virus

Bottom Looks

Laundry DryGround Virus

Axel P Virus

Winner Sarah

Eliminated Axel

Episode 8 Our Generaction

Spotlight Challenge Help and Mentor a group of teenage makeup artists with their Drama Club along with creating Theactral stage makeup for a classic Play

Reward Winner's Characters will be feature on broadway

Top Looks

Austin and Gabin Pipin

Olivia and Ashly Witches of Easwick


Alan and Stuart Wizard of OZ

Pink and Kevon Cats

Sarah and Sophie Into the Woods

Bottom Looks

Liz and Mia The Apple Tree

Laundry and Reagan Beauty and The Beast

Winner Austin

Eliminated Liz

Episode 9 Paranormal Witnesses

Spotlight Challenge Use Clues as inspiration for a original Cryptic

Top Looks

Alan Footprints and Fingernails

Olivia Bitemarks and WaterScales

Pink Drymarks and Rcokholes


Sarah Black spots and Pale skin

Austin Deadbirds and Quills

Ross Clawmarks and Nest

Bottom Looks

Sarah Tuskholes and Red Hair

Laundry Serpent Teeth and Spikes

Winner Alan

Eliminated Laundry

Episode 10 Self Killing

Spotlight Challenge Create a Horror villain based on alter ego

Top Looks

Olivia Mrs CockSucker

Austin Sledge Hammer Steve


Alan Lord Yellow Fire

Ross The Bleeder

Pink Vampira Lover

Bottom Looks

Sarah Deadly Sorceress

Winner Olivia

Eliminated Sarah

Episode 11 The Fast Pace Challenge

Fast Pace Challenge To work in Three stages

Stage 1 Apply Eye lend Prothestics For 2 hours

Stage 2 Match Crazy wigs with cowls

Stage 3 Make Face Pieces For 5 Hours

Winner Ross

Eliminated No One

Episode 12 The Fast Pace Challenge Part 2

Spotlight Challenge/Stage4 Participate in a fourth Stage from the previous Challenge to Create a Full Head

Piece With Horns

Winner Austin

Eliminated Pink

Episode 13 Children of Nature

Spotlight Challenge Create a Sorcerer based on a Legendary Beast

Austin Faun

Ross Harpie

Olivia Sphinx

Alan Centaur

Winner Ross

Eliminated Olivia

Episode 14 The Devil's Legions

Spotlight Challenge Create four Demonic Characters including Ruler of hell his bride turing evil and two of their children using a envirimental Theme

Alan Dark Forest

Ross Deserted Island

Austin Jungle

Winner Alan

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