The ninth unofficial season of face off that consist of 16 Contestants each week the artists will face challenges even more difficult than the last


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Episode List

Episode 1 Tentacle Abominations

Spotlight Challenge Instant of a Foundation Challenge the Artists must create a tentacle creature using two models

Contestant Concept
Mark & JoJo Wooded Flesh Monster
Logan & Graham Alien Parasite Victim
Dice & Mirror Banshee With Large Hair
Alvin & Max Noble Woman with Octopus Limbs
Sue & Liv Moth Fused with Light Fairy
Duke & Spin Flesh Eating Garden Plant
Rex & Nick Demonic Mirror Portal
Xena & Chase Old Stone Statue

Top Looks Alvin and Max Xena and Chase

Bottom Looks Sue and Liv Logan and Graham

Winner Alvin

Eliminated No one

Episode 2 I See Your Future

Spotlight Challenge The Artists Walk on the set of the wolfman to discover they's been Creating A gypsy behind the Curse using a real gypsy tribe as Inspiration

Contestant Gypsy
Mirror & Dice Horahane
JoJo & Spin Lovari
Alvin & Nick Ursari
Logan & Graham Boyash
Duke & Sue Modyar
Liv & Mark Ashkali
Rex & Chase Romungral
Xena & Max Sinti

Top Looks Mirror and dice Alvin and Nick

Bottom Looks Xena and Max Logan and Graham

Winner Mirror

Eliminated Graham Logan

Episode 3 Live and Let Die

Spotlight Challenge For the show's 100th episode The Artists must take real engaged couples and turn them into Whimsical macabre characters

Contestant Couple Concept
Liv & Duke Nic & Randi Surfer & whola Girl
Rex & Max Tony & Jakema Computer Cyborgs
Nick & Xena Amy & Bob Metal Head & Groupie
Mirror & Mark Ross & Laura Fireworks Victims
Alvin & Dice Chelsea & Sam Plant Woman & Poet
JoJo & Spin Freddie & Carly Barbarian Queen & Prisoner

Top Looks Liv and Duke Nick and Xena

Bottom Looks JoJo and Spin Rex and Max

Winner Liv

Eliminated Max

Episode 4 Classic Horror

Focus Challenge Create a character based on a mash up

Contestant Mash Up
Mirror Xena Little Women of Witchcraft
Nick JoJo Gone With The Wind Spirits
Spin Chase Of Mice And Monsters
Dice A Christmas Carol of Terror
Duke Alvin A Midsummer's Night Scream
Liv Sue Tom Sawyer and The Satanic Cult
Mark Rex Pinochio Demon Slayer

Top Looks Mirror Chase Alvin

Bottom Looks Duke Rex Sue

Winner Alvin

Eliminated Rex

Episode 5 Worship or Die

Foundation Challenge Create a beautifull Character Based on a Mannerist Painting

Winner Mark

Spotlight Challenge The Artists must use a Table as inspiraction for a High priest and they God they worship

Contestant Concept
Mark & Mirror Old Hag & Human Faced Tree
Liv & JoJo Tempress & Succubus
Sue & Dice pharaoh & Medusa Creature
Spin & Duke Alchemist & Enchanted Being
Chase & Nick Pirate & Sea Witch
Xena & Alvin Native American & Norse Warrior

Top Looks Liv and JoJo Spin and Duke

Bottom Looks Sue and Dice Chase and Nick

Winner Liv

Eliminated Sue

Episode 6 Live Long

Foundation Challenge Used a Planet Background for a retro styled alien

Winner Nick

Spotlight Challenge Create a modern version of their Aliens

Top Looks Nick JoJo Chase

Bottom Looks Liv Alvin Mark

Winner Nick

Eliminated Liv

Episode 7 Transvampires

Focus Challenge Turn a male model into a female vampire using a gay Flag as inspiraction

Contestant Flag
Dice Asexual
Spin Intersexual
Alvin Bisexual
Xena Lipstick Lesbian
Mirror Leather Culture
Duke Polysexual
Mark Lesbian Pride
Nick Pansexual
Chase Heterosexual
JoJo Androygous

Top Looks Xena Mirror

Bottom Looks Dice Chase

Winner Xena

Eliminated Chase

Episode 8 The Gauntlet

Spotlight Challenge Compete in a Set of Three Challenges Called the Gauntlet

Stage 1 Create a Victim that has been expose to a deadly Toxin or Virus

Top Looks Mirror Spin

Winner Mirror

Stage 2 Create Amazing paint jobs for Specific Creatures

Top Looks Mirror Alvin

Winner Alvin

Stage 3 Create Three Characters using a specific creature

Contestant Creatures
Spin Werewolfs
Xena Mermaids/Mermen
Mirror Mermaids/Mermen
Alvin Fairies
JoJo Werewolfs
Dice Fairies
Mark Mermaids/Mermen
Duke Werewolfs
Nick Fairies

Top Looks Mirror JoJo Dice

Bottom Looks Duke Dice Spin

Winner Mirror

Winner of The Gauntlet Mirror

Eliminated Spin

Episode 9 Evil Laughter

Spotlight Challenge Create a Original Evil Dead Demon Based on a evil stereotype

Stereotype God Wannabe Femme Fatale Cult Leaders Sorcerous Overlord
Contestant Nick Mirror Xena Dice
Contestant Mark Duke JoJo Alvin

Top Looks Dice Alvin

Bottom Looks Duke Xena

Winner Alvin

Eliminated Duke

Episode 10 Side show

Foundation Challenge Create a Amazon warrior based on a Ancient Culture

Winner Nick

Spotlight Challenge Bring The name of a side show performer to life

Contestant Freak
Mark Amazon Snake Charmer
Dice Robber Skin Man
Alvin Frog Boy
Xena Elastic Girl
JoJo Electrica
Nick King Neptune
Mirror One Arm Man

Top Looks Alvin Mark

Bottom Looks Xena Mirror

Winner Mark

Eliminated Xena

Episode 11 Human Evolution

Focus Challenge Create the next step in human evolution using a disastrous Event as Inspiration

Contestant Event
JoJo Chemical Outbreak
Alvin Sinkhole In Land
Mirror Vine infestation
Mark Asteroid Impact
Dice Deadly GasLic
Nick Bug Infestation

Top Looks Mirror Mark

Bottom Looks Nick Dice

Winner Mirror

Eliminated Dice

Episode 12 Wicked Adaptations

Spotlight Challenge Create a original Disney Villain Using a unadapted Grim Fairy tale as Inspiration

Contestant Villain
Mirror The Swan Queen
JoJo Lilith
Alvin Knightmare
Nick Rumpelstilskin
Mark Sir Braxas

Top Looks Alvin Mirror Mark

Winner Mirror

Eliminated JoJo Nick

Episode 13 Lights Camera Action Part 1

Spotlight Challenge Create a short film on location with 2 Characters

Contestant Film Tile Characters
Mark Stranded Witch Doctor and Victim
Mirror Last Duel Swordsman and Nemesis
Alvin Afterlife Grim Reaper and Soul

Episode 14 Lights Camera Action Part 2

Spotlight Challenge Create a third Character for their short films

Contestant Third Character
Mark Healer
Mirror Princess
Alvin Angel

Winner Mark

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