This season consist of 14 make up artists participating in challenges in the tone of last year's season with new twists


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Episode 1 Alien Warriors

Spotlight Challenge Work in teams of two to create a alien warrior based on a weapon

Contestant Weapon
Maxim D & Ethan Spiked Spear
Pert & Stanley Large Scissor Blade
Tyler & Sam Pointed Sword
Shark & Mags Long Hookshot
Kevin & David Trident of Engery
Blaze & Yonna Martian Flamethrower
Maxim L & Miles Giant Crossbow

Top Looks Tyler & Sam Blaze & Yonna

Bottom Looks Kevin & David Maxim L & Miles

Reward First pick of team in the next challenge

Winner Sam

Eliminated Miles

Episode 2 You Get a friend in me

Spotlight Challenge selected A famous Doll or action figure worry of Being in Toy story 4

Contestant Toy
Pert Yonna & Sam Brats Doll
Mags & Tyler GI Joe
Stanley & Kavin Monster High Doll
Blaze & Shark Green Power Ranger
David & Maxim D Transformer
Maxim L & Ethan CareBear

Top Looks Stanley & Pert Maxim L & Ethan

Bottom Looks Pert & Yonna Mags & Tyler

Reward Winner's makeup will be Feature in Toy story 4

Winner Stanley

Eliminated Pert

Episode 3 Forgotten Kingdoms

Spotlight Challenge Create a member of a lost race using Laptops and text as clues

Contestant Kingdom
Shark & Blaze Cavern City
Ethan & Kavin Cloud Atlas
David & Stanley Stone Village
Maxim D & Maxim L Island Fortress
Tyler & Mags Forest Settlement
Yonna & Sam Frozen Citadel

Top Looks Tyler & Mags David and Stanley

Bottom Looks Yonna & Sam Maxim L & Maxim D

Winner Tyler

Eliminated Yonna

Episode 4 Shaken not Stirred

Focus Challenge Create a disgusting look for their selected Models as James Bond Inspired Henchmen

Contestant Henchmen Disgusting Features
Shark Captain Nemo Overcut Prosthetic Leg Eye Patch
Kevin Miss Gozebecka ChillFever Large Eyes and Boney Skin
Tyler Dr Minion Martian Big Brain Red Skin
David Handel/Greta Split Face Half Man Half Woman
Mags Carla WhiteSnake Albino Skin Red Eyes
Maxim D Sebastian CongaBomb Large Hands Thick Brow
Maxim L Pinky The Brain Small Thumb BuckTeeth
Stanley Peggy LongTop Long Legs And Hair
Sam Madame Crackenator Large Boobs Lips and Muscles
Blaze Miss CheapShot Sharp Nails Hanna Tattoos
Ethan Mr Johnny FeelGood Thick Shoulders and Shoulder Blades

Top Looks Kevin Blaze Stanley

Bottom Looks Maxim D Ethan Tyler

Winner Kevin

Eliminated Maxim D

Episode 5 What Lurks Inside

Foundation Challenge Create Slime for their Alien Parasites

Reward Immunity for winning Team

Winner Tyler & Blaze

Spotlight Challenge Used a Real life parasite as inspiration for a alien bursting out of it's human Host

Contestant Parasite
Tyler & Blaze Schistosoma Mansoni
Maxim L & Ethan Clonorchis Sinensis
Shark & Mags Varroa Destructor
Kevin & Sam Onchocerca Volvulus
Stanley & David Thelazia Callipaeda

Top Looks Stanley & David Tyler & Blaze

Bottom Looks Maxim L & Ethan Kevin & Sam

Winner Tyler

Eliminated Maxim L

Episode 6 Who You gotta Call

Focus Challenge Create a whimsical Comedy Ghost Inspired by Character stereotypes

Contestant Stereotype
Blaze Dark Lady
David Evil Clown
Stanley Wise Old Man
Mags Green Hag
Tyler Damsel in Distress
Kevin Noble Savage
Shark Creepy Fisherman
Ethan Warrior King
Sam Cat Lady

Top Looks Blaze Sam Mags

Bottom Looks Kevin Shark David

Winner Mags

Eliminated Shark

Episode 7 The Gauntlet ll

Reward night on the town and no participation In Next Stage

Stage 1 Create a Classic antihero with the head of the monster or villain they slay

Top Looks Tyler Ethan

Stage 2 Create a Spirit that Inbodies Light and Darkness

Top looks Mags Blaze

Stage 3 Create Three horrific Characters based on Gothic Buildings

Contestant Building
Stanley Church of San Pablo
Sam Rheinstein Castle
Kevin Reims Catheral
David Palazzo Pubblico

Top Looks Sam Kevin

Bottom Looks David Stanley

Winner Kevin

Eliminated Stanley

Episode 8 Mirror Mirror

Spotlight Challenge Create a evil sorceress Hideous True Self

Contestant Sorceress
Mags Lesbian Vampire
Kevin Tribal Priestess
David Egyptian Tigress
Sam Gypsy Tempress
Tyler Imperial Empress
Ethan Pagan Druidress
Blaze Sinful Nun

Top Looks Tyler Mags

Bottom Looks David Blaze

Winner Tyler

Eliminated David

Episode 9 Wish Granted

Foundation Challenge Create a amazon warrior based on the model's wardrobe

Winner Mags

Spotlight Challenge Use a oil lamp as inspiration For a Genie

Contestant Concept
Blaze Burlesque Performer
Kevin Great Father Nature
Tyler Funtasic Magician
Ethan Representation of Drama
Sam Air Elemental
Mags Seductive Warrior Woman

Top Looks Blaze Tyler

Bottom Looks Kevin Ethan

Winner Tyler

Eliminated Kevin

Episode 10 Bone have a teeth

Focus Challenge Select a unique pair of animal jaws for a flesh eating ogre

Top Looks Tyler Mags

Bottom Looks Blaze Sam

Winner Tyler

Saved Blaze

Episode 11 The Art of Warcraft

Foundation Challenge Create a Fallen angel based on feathers

Winner Mags

Spotlight Challenge Create a movie version of a race from the Warcraft universe

Contestant Race
Mags Pandaren
Ethan Dwarf
Tyler Human
Sam Blood Elf
Blaze Night EIf

Top Looks Tyler Sam Blaze

Winner Sam

Eliminated Ethan

Note If you get the human race you can make it into a human Hybrid

Episode 12 Beast Intelligence

Spotlight Challenge Take a creature from skull island and turn it into a intelligent being

Contestant Creature
Tyler Scorpio Pede
Blaze Carcistis
Mags Elasmosaurous
Sam Foetodon

Winner Sam

Note after the show Mckenzie had selected a Fourth finalist saying for the first time in face off history all four semi finalists are going to the finale

Episode 13 Hell Hole Part 1

Finale Challenge Work with a new coming horror director for a Short film version of Jason Blum's Hell hole

by creating Three characters that include a demon a ghost and a possessed victim

Team Demon Ghost
Blaze Kevin Ethan & David Forest Demon Crying Lady
Tyler Miles Stanley & Maxim L Night Demon Lost Soul Shadow
Mags Yonna & Pert Blood Demon Naked Victim
Sam Shark & Maxim D Sand Demon Buried Corpse

Episode 14 Hell Hole

Contestant Hell Hole Director
Blaze Rooted Eric Champ
Tyler Darkness Jean Spears
Mags Bloodless Spike Doughlas
Sam Stranded Monty Johnson

Winner Tyler

Special Face off Horror Nights

Plot Mckenzie goes behind the scenes at halloween horror nights in LA To show horror movie fans behind the scenes looks Monster designs and more along with the Judges recreating unused concepts to show to face off fans.

Special Face Off Interviews

Plot Mckenzie and the judges visit the season 10.5 contestants homes to show them their recent projects and works by interviewing them and their family about their inspiractions childhood and experiences with makeup.

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