Personal Information
Age 29
Hometown Wood River, IL
Occupation Info
Season(s) Season 7
Placement 3rd

Energetic and fun-loving, Drew Talbot is a graduate and former instructor at Tom Savini's Special Makeup Effects School where he taught a number of courses. He saw it as an opportunity to practice his craft, pass on his passion for makeup to others, and prepare for Face Off. He specializes in sculpting, prosthetics and application, and loves creating animal and human hybrids. Drew focuses on creating rich, in-depth characters and stories and strives to create makeups that are realistic and film-ready.


Episode 1: "Life and Death"

Episode 2: "American Gangster"

Episode 3: "Ancient Aliens"

Episode 4: "Twisted Trees"

Episode 5: "Animal Attraction"

Episode 6: "Wizard of Wonderland"

Episode 7: "Killer Instinct"

Episode 8: "Serpent Soldiers"

Episode 9: "Scared Silly"

Episode 10: "Teacher's Pets"

Episode 11: "Off With Their Heads"

Episode 12: "Beautiful Disaster"

Episode 13: "Creature Carnage"

Episode 14: "One Knight Only



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