Death Becomes Them
Death Becomes Them
Episode Information
Release Date October 13, 2015
Season # 9
Episode # 12
Top Looks Ben, Evan, & Nora
Eliminated Jordan & Scott
Previous "Beyond the Expanse"
Next "Movie Magic, Part 1"

"Death Becomes Them" is the Semifinal and twelfth episode of the ninth season of Face Off.


Challenge: Create a fun and macabre family member of there choice.

  • Finalists: Ben, Evan, & Nora
  • Eliminated: Jordan & Scott
Contestant Family Member
Ben Inappropriate Uncle
Evan Bully Older Brother
Jordan Spinster Aunt
Nora Black Sheep Cousin
Scott Stern Father
Not Chosen Evil Stepmother
Overprotective Mother


  • Ben
  • Evan
  • Jordan
  • Nora
  • Scott


  • After the first two finalists were chosen, the remaining three were given an extra hour of last looks to alter their makeups with the judges' comments in mind.

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