Death's Doorstep
Death's Doorstep
Episode Information
Release Date March 17, 2016
Season # 10
Episode # 06
Top Looks Rob & Yvonne
Bottom Looks Mel, Kaleb, Johnny
Winner Yvonne
Eliminated Johnny
Previous Foreign Bodies
Next The Gauntlet II

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Create whimsical ghosts based on unique obituaries.

Teams Obituary
Anna Rose Mary
Johnny Sarah N. Geti
Kaleb Finn Waters
Mel Sally Slopes
Melissa Suzanne Stitches
Rob Wandy Wand
Robert Thomas Watts
Walter Seymour Sharp
Yvonne Jerry Rig


  • Yvonne
  • Walter
  • Robert
  • Rob
  • Melissa
  • Mel
  • Kaleb
  • Johnny
  • Anna

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