Dante's Demons
Dante's Demons
Episode Information
Release Date July 11, 2017
Season # 12
Episode # 4
Top Looks Ethereal Effects
Bottom Looks Phil, Jill, & Joseph
Winner Kiersten
Eliminated Jill
Previous Dream House
Next String Theory


Challenge:Create demons from a circle of hell.

  • Winning Team: Ethereal Effects
  • Bottom Looks: Phil, Jill, & Joseph
    • Winner Overall: Kiersten
    • Eliminated: Jill
Contestant Circle
Andrew Heresy (6th Circle)
Faina Anger (5th Circle)
Kiersten Gluttony (3rd Circle)
Nelson Limbo (1st Circle)
Suzanne Greed (4th Circle)
Jill Treachery (9th Circle)
Joseph Lust (2nd Circle)
KC Fraud (8th Circle)
Phil Violence (7th Circle)


  • Ethereal Effects
  • Andrew-Heresy (6th Circle)
  • Faina-Anger (5th Circle)
  • Kiersten-Gluttony (3rd Circle)
  • Nelson-Limbo (1st Circle)
  • Suzanne-Greed (4th Circle)
  • Twisted Six Effects
  • Jill-Treachery (9th Circle)
  • Joseph-Lust (2nd Circle)
  • KC-Fraud (8th Circle)
  • Phil-Violence (7th Circle)
S12 Ep4 Dante's Demons Morphs03:12

S12 Ep4 Dante's Demons Morphs


  • Each artist was able to choose their circle of hell and a pair of horns to incorporate into their makeups.
  • The horns were created and 3D printed by Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick.

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