Cryptic Creatures
Cryptic Creatures
Foundation Guest Judge: Howard Berger

Spotlight Guest Judge: Doug Jones

Episode Information
Release Date February 18, 2014
Season # 6
Episode # 6
Foundation Winner Corrine
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Tyler & Chloe; Rashaad & Graham
Bottom Looks Cat & Daran; Corrine & Matt
Winner Tyler
Eliminated Matt
Previous "In the Shadows"
Next "Open Sesame"

"Cryptic Creatures" is the sixth episode of the sixth season of Face Off.


Challenge: Create an orc lord and nine of his clan.


Challenge: Take inspiration from legends to bring cryptids to life.

Contestant Cryptid
Cat & Daran Chupacabra
Chloe & Tyler Mapinguari
Corrine & Matt Jersey Devil
George & Niko Vodyanoy
Graham & Rashaad Bunyip


  • Cat & Daran
  • Chloe & Tyler
  • Corrine & Matt
  • Graham & Rashaad
  • Niko & George

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