Cosmic Conspiracy
Cosmic Conspiracy
Guest Judge: Scott Charles Stewart
Episode Information
Release Date January 21, 2014
Season # 6
Episode # 2
Top Looks Niko & Corrine; Daran & Tanner
Bottom Looks George & Bethany; Cat & Matt
Winner Corrine
Eliminated Bethany
Previous "Sexy Beasts( Season 6 premiere)
Next "Dragon's Breath"

"Cosmic Conspiracy" is the second episode of the sixth season of Face Off.


Challenge: Create out-of-this-world alien creatures that must reflect a decoded interplanetary distress signal.

Teams Alien Message
Niko & Corrine We Need Water
Rashaad & Tyler Global Famine
George & Bethany Polluted & Toxic Environment
Tess & Daniel Overcome With Disease
Cat & Matt Our Sun Is Dying
Chloe & Graham Gravity Changing
Daran & Tanner Ice Caps Melting


  • Bethany & George
  • Cat & Matt
  • Chloe & Graham
  • Corrine & Niko
  • Rashaad & Tyler
  • Tanner & Daran
  • Tess & Daniel

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