Season 6 contestant
Personal Information
Age 26
Hometown Dublin, CA
Occupation Info
Occupation Co-Owner and Makeup Department Head at Synapse FX
Season(s) 6
Placement 8th

As co-owner and makeup FX department head of Synapse FX, Corinne Foster has developed strong skills and expertise in application and color matching. She began educating herself at a young age, when she first learned her techniques through various trade programs taking her across two continents. As a business owner, she perfected her skills while working full-time in the entertainment industry as a professional makeup and special FX artist. She prides herself on her time management skills as well as working with strong teams, which has helped her build strong relationships with various makeup artists, including season two Face Off contestant Tara Lang. With her family by her side, Corinne is ready to win this competition.




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