Cat Peschen is a

Cat Paschen S11
Personal Information
Age 25
Hometown San Francisco, CA
Occupation Info
Season(s) 6 & 11
Placement 9th in Season 6

13th in Season 11

Eliminated on Open Sesame

Snow Queens

contestant of the sixth season of Face Off. She placed 9th in the season, being eliminated in "Open Sesame".

Season 6

Episode 1: "Sexy Beasts"

Episode 2: "Cosmic Conspiracy"

Episode 3: "Dragon's Breath"

Episode 4: "Guitar Gods"

Episode 5: "In the Shadows"

Episode 6: "Cryptic Creatures"

Episode 7: "Open Sesame"

Episode 15: "Heavenly Bodies"

Season 11

Episode 1: Abstract Aliens

Episode 2: The Devil is in the Details

Episode 3: Monster High

Episode 4: Snow Queens

Face Off portfolio


  • Cat is currently dating fellow Season 6 contestant Niko Gonzalez.

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