Brittany Leslie
Personal Information
Age 25
Hometown Mt. Sinai, NY
Occupation Info
Season(s) 9
Placement 13th

Brittany Leslie is a multi-platform artist currently based in Los Angeles. As a makeup artist, she has delivered unique looks for film, television, fashion, print/editorial and celebrity endeavors in both the beauty and special effects realms. In addition to her successes in the makeup world, she's also active in event planning, personal styling and design.


Episode 1: "Intergalactic Zoo"

Episode 2: "Siren Song"

Episode 3: "Surprise of the Century"

Episode 4: "Frightful Fiction"


  • Intergalactic Zoo Spotlight Challenge
  • Siren Song Spotlight Challenge
  • Surprise of the Century Spotlight Challenge
  • Frightful Fiction Focus Challenge


Social Media


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