Animal Attraction
Episode Information
Release Date August 19, 2014
Season # 7
Episode # 5
Views (million) Unknown
Top Looks Cig
Bottom Looks Doc
Winner Damien Zimmerman
Eliminated David O'Connell
Previous "Twisted Trees"
Next "Wizard of Wonderland"

"Animal Attraction" is the fifth episode of the seventh season of Face Off. It first aired on August 19, 2014.

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: The artists' must choose two exotic animals and mash them together to make their own hybrid species.
Contestant Animals
Cig Armadillo & American Alligator
Damien Coatimundi & Tawny Owl
Dina Red Fox & Prarie Dog
Doc Bald Eagle & Squirrel Monkey
Drew Red Fox & Squirrel Monkey
George Armadillo & American Alligator
Jason Fennec Fox & Red-Tail Hawk
Keaghlan Eurasian Lynx & Kinkajou
Rachael Fennec Fox & Coatimundi
Sasha Bobcat & Tawny Owl
Stella Serval Wildcat & Kinkajou
  • Top Looks: Cig, Damien & Sasha
  • Bottom Looks: Doc, Keaghlan & Stella
    • Winner: Damien
    • Eliminated: Doc

Final Looks

  • Cig's hybrid (HIGH)
  • Damien's hybrid (WIN)
  • Dina's hybrid (SAFE)
  • Doc's hybrid (LOW)
  • Drew's hybrid (SAFE)
  • George's hybrid (SAFE)
  • Jason's hybrid (SAFE)
  • Keaghlan hybrid (LOW)
  • Rachael's hybrid (SAFE)
  • Sasha's hybrid (HIGH)
  • Stella's hybrid (LOW)
S07E05 - morph recap - "Animal Attraction"00:16

S07E05 - morph recap - "Animal Attraction"

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