Abstract Aliens
Abstract Aliens
Season Premiere
Episode Information
Release Date January 24, 2017
Season # 11
Episode # 1
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Keaghlan & Melissa; Rachael & Gage
Bottom Looks Stella & Jasmine; Ben & Evan
Winner Keaghlan & Melissa
Eliminated No Elimination
Next The Devil is in the Details

Abstract Aliens is the premiere of the eleventh season.

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Create an original alien creature using inspiration from sea creatures and incorporating green screen technology.

Teams Sea Creature
Cat & Niko Vampire Squid
Cig & George Roughback Batfish
Tyler & Emily Deep Sea Dragonfish
Logan & Adam Veined Octopus
Keaghlan & Melissa Flying Gurnard
Gage & Rachael Skeleton Shrimp
Stella & Jasmine Helmet Jellyfish
Ben & Evan Japanese Spider Crab


  • Cat & Niko
  • Stella & Jasmine
  • Rachael & Gage
  • Logan & Adam
  • Keaghlan & Melissa
  • George & Cig
  • Emily & Tyler
  • Ben & Evan

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